When Ghana’s national airline was liquidated, the competition scrambled for the multiple lucrative routes that had suddenly become available. Delta Airlines, at the time a new entrant to the Ghanaian market, set its eyes on becoming travellers’ preferred carrier across the Atlantic. We were challenged to develop an inexpensive but effective campaign to help the airline capture that route.

Big Idea

Silence can be very loud.


Because airlines competing for the transatlantic route had a heavy presence on radio, TV, and print, we chose to be silent on those channels. Instead, we recognized the then immense influence travel agents had in the value chain, and started off by focusing on them.

As those were the days of low internet penetration and cumbersome dial-up connections, we provided travel agents with a simple but functional means of easily accessing key information for fluid daily operations: Delta branded pocket-sized reference guides with contact information for all airlines, embassies, high commissions and consulates in Ghana. We put Delta and it’s offering in front of travel agents every day.

We continued to stay away from radio, TV, and print and instead, created banners that screamed Delta’s differentiator and strategically placed them at almost every rush-hour traffic zone in Accra and Tema.

In addition, we ensured the brand was seamlessly and prominently visible at all customer touch points, creating a subtle brand connectedness.


Within two months of initiating the campaign, the competition either reduced the number of flights on the Accra-New York route or abandoned the route altogether. Delta became top of the list for travellers on the Accra-New York route.

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