Nationwide’s product innovation efforts resulted in product brands that appeared to have no relationship with the easily recognizable Nationwide logo. As such, most target customers did not perceive these products as Nationwide’s products and therefore did not transfer their trust for Nationwide to these products, resulting in low patronage of the products. We were therefore brought in to create cohesion between the Nationwide brand and its product brands.

Big Idea

Interconnection + balance

An integration of the three issues at the heart of Nationwide’s mission – 

1. Well managed pool of subscribers’ premiums 

2. Quality healthcare

3. Accessible and dependable healthcare service providers.


We created a single brand identity system representative of Nationwide’s mission and used it to string Nationwide’s brand and that of its products in a way that allowed them to be different and yet obviously part of one whole.

logo before and after
stationery mockup
style guide mockup
Shopping Basket