In an attempt to meet regulatory requirements that ensure financial products overseen by different regulators can’t be sold by a single company, IC Group chose to treat its offerings as a plethora of product brands delivered by different corporate brands. However, after doing this for some 20 odd years the two key lessons learnt were:

1. Target still perceived the different corporate brands as one brand, and

2. If target ever noticed the different corporate brands, it was most probably because transacting business across the different corporate brands wasn’t seamless.

Clearly, it was time to rethink how to offer target a seamless experience without breaching the Regulator’s directive.

Big Idea

More integrated, less complicated, more avant-garde. (A single brand helping different people to meet their different financial goals through customer experiences seamlessly delivered through different companies.)


We created an identity system for a single brand through which IC Group’s companies will trade and interact with target. We ensured it was a true reflection of IC Group’s new ethos without disconnecting it from its rich past.

image of old ic logos versus new ic logo
ic visual identity cover
ic visual identity spread
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