Most Ghanaians don’t know how much of their gross pay goes to the taxman so Savings Booster’s USP “turning part of your taxes into savings” was a hard sell. Sales weren’t possible without extensive explanation; an unsustainable approach to retail sales. Savings Booster (SB) needed mass appeal.

Big Idea

If it’s difficult to sell, don’t sell it. Make it desirable.


We invaded young and middle-aged taxpayers’ spaces with “Don’t be left out, #WeAreEvolving.” With the help of two social media influencers, we shared stories about words whose meaning had evolved and encouraged target to do same using the hashtag #WeAreEvolving. Within a few days the hashtag was trending, allowing us to slide SB into the exciting conversation by connecting the evolution stories to how saving had evolved, eventually drawing the amassed following to an interactive microsite where target could experience the product and sign up for it.


Petra’s social media community grew by 1300% in 5 days, the microsite received 66,553 hits on launch day and, for the first time, Savings Booster received scores of enquiries and sign-ups without sales people having to deal with extensive product explanation.

Shopping Basket