Imperial General Assurance’s objective was clear-cut: ‘Make the brand popular’. We had to, on a very moderate budget, figure out how to get people to notice and talk about Imperial General.

Big Idea

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a baffling one must be worth a million conversations.


Granted, the essence of insurance is to deliver timely restoration, but if almost every insurer’s advertisement is literally promising claims payment within a stipulated time, we’ll have to find a more memorable way of promising timely restoration (especially since our intention is to become popular).

So we avoided the time rhetoric and went very graphic on being at customers’ beck and call – The insurer who’s wrapped around your finger (tinkering with the popular idiomatic expression “wrapped around your little finger”)

Our integrated approach sought to refresh target’s memory of Imperial by inscribing “wrapped around your finger” in a baffling way and hooking the Imperial brand to it.

Also, in anticipation of our activities driving visits to Imperial’s website, we redeveloped the website to improve user experience and ranking on search engines ahead of the campaign.


We got people talking about Imperial – the campaign’s graphic image organically sparked debates on and offline with people split on it being humorous or creepy. We also got dissatisfied but silent customers reach out and challenge Imperial’s claim of being at their beck and call, consequently giving Imperial an opportunity to resolve these grievances which otherwise might never have been brought to Imperial’s attention.

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