International Community School’s (ICS) state-of-the-art facilities, sterling academic performance and gorgeous Kumasi campus had arguably made it the most sought-after school in Kumasi but the story wasn’t same in Accra. 2 years after opening its doors in Accra, just a hand full of parents in Accra knew and considered ICS and this had to change.

Big Idea

‘Seeing is believing’.


Armed with the insight that most middle to upper income parents and guardians believe holistic education is key for preparing their wards for the future, we created a campaign themed “best of both worlds” and strategically delivered it through digital and outdoor media that aimed for our target audience.

Since ‘seeing is believing’, we went beyond telling to show our target audience how ICS offers their wards The Best of Both Worlds – How ICS offers parents and guardians the opportunity to give their wards the head start they need to become well-rounded adults with the right knowledge, skills and tools required to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

To ensure this results in visibility and knowledge of ICS, we started off by ensuring ICS was visually distinct so within a short while target audience could easily identify and tell communications from ICS apart, once they stumbled upon them.

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