Checks showed that Vanguard’s customer base leaned more towards an older demographic. However, since customer lifetime value significantly influences a brand’s commercial sustainability, Vanguard had to grow its affinity among a younger demographic.

Big Idea

What you don’t see CAN hurt you.


We created 4 monsters, Sparky, Destro, Burst and Blaze, and sent them crawling around social media to introduce themselves to the younger demographic we were targeting. 

To keep the new relationship between the Vanguard brand and this younger demographic going, the monsters went beyond introducing themselves to offer rewards to those who could spot them on later dates.

On the said dates we hid the four monsters  within busy images and rewarded those who were first to correctly identify each grid within which a monster was hiding (Only followers of Vanguard’s social media account were eligible).

Ahead of rewarding the winners, we went against the grain and congratulated those who were unable to find our hidden monsters. We used this to demonstrate how being unable to see danger was no indication that danger was absent, emphasizing that unforeseen challenges (a part of our daily lives) are best left in the hands of insurance.


Over the six-week period that the campaign run, Vanguard’s following grew by 228% on Instagram and 28% on Facebook and the target audience engaged with the campaign 179,854 times. A brand that was relatively silent and invisible to a younger demographic online had come alive.

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