We had unearthed insights into the impact target’s attitudes, risk profiles, etc. had on non-life insurance products’ sales but to create value out of it, we needed Metropolitan Insurance’s (MET) buy-in.


Based on our findings, we illustrated how MET’s mission wasn’t aligned with what mattered to their target and, together with MET’s leadership, crafted a relevant mission and brand promise. We also advised on how to realign MET’s operations, strategy, etc. to ensure consistent delivery of the new brand promise.

Once we had leadership on our side, we created cross-functional teams across the organization and convinced them on why and how the brand should be repositioned. In addition, we turned the new direction for the brand into an exciting document for staff orientation – one that would be lived rather than left to gather dust on a shelf.


Buy-in was achieved and the entire organization was able to easily recalibrate policies and procedures to ensure the brand seamlessly, effortlessly, and consistently delivered on its new promise.

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