After over 2 years of devising how to make the Metropolitan Insurance (MET) brand more relevant to and more loved by stakeholders, it was time to implement. We had to get external stakeholders on-board by first getting them excited about the refreshed brand’s looks as well as what it stood for.

Big Idea

Let’s pull a pleasant surprise.


We sent brunch invites to MET’s key clients, the industry regulator, suppliers and the media. The invites contained a hint, “we must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden”. This text was also prominently displayed within the brunch hall.

Upon arrival, guests were immediately drawn into an activity that required interaction with as many other guests as possible, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie. Just before brunch was served, guests were formally welcomed and a video gave away the true aim for brunch; to reveal the refreshed MET brand.

While brunch was being served, we had men across the country decommissioning all touch points bearing the old MET brand and replacing them with the new look and feel. This ensured that once the refreshed brand was launched during brunch, no instance of the old look and feel existed anywhere.

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