Though Vanguard Assurance agreed that we could not win today’s customer over with a timeworn brand style, they did not want their logo modified because it held so much sentimental value. As such, their instructions to us were clear: “make our brand connect with today’s young urban professional but do not dare touch our logo.”

Big Idea

Origami – A good representation of Vanguard’s brand persona; agile, intelligent and reliable:

• The agility origami artists put paper to,

• The intelligence that enables origami artists to transform paper into unimaginable forms, and

• The shockingly structurally strong/ reliable forms origami artists create out of paper.


In addition to creating an abstract origami form to be used as the primary graphic in all brand communications, we gave the brand a more vibrant colour palette alongside modern typography and other visual elements to form a unique contemporary brand style without modifying the existing logo. 

graphic elements
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