With a short offer period for the Fund’s initial public offering (IPO) and a primary requirement of a minimum fund size set by the regulator, we had to ensure all enthusiastic prospects knew the IPO period had begun and could start purchasing units from the fund.

Big Idea

Value created by values.


We were very clear about who we were targeting—Christians looking for investment vehicles that aren’t in conflict with their belief. However, knowing how much influence church leaders have on their congregations, we knew we wouldn’t make much progress if the church leaders were not advocating for us.

We began by bringing leadership from the Christian Community and the media together to allow the Fund Manager and Sponsors to clearly illustrate how the fund would enable Christians to grow wealth without actively or passively buying equity or debt that funds activities their faith frowns upon, “value created by values.”

Once we had church leaders on our side, church doors across the country opened to the Fund Manager and Sponsors. We then armed them with marketing collateral for a roadshow to directly sell the fund to congregations across the country.

To extend the sales pitch beyond the roadshow, prominent posters were left, selling the IPO on practically every church noticeboard across the country. Radio and print advertisements were also run to drive reconsideration and interest in the fund over the IPO period.


For the very first time, an IPO was successfully launched without investments from institutional clients. Retail investors patronized the entire fund yet the minimum fund size set by the regulator was achieved within the offer period.

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