We had made significant progress on the Metropolitan Insurance (MET) brand-repositioning strategy and were ready to launch but, ahead of that, we had to ensure every MET person was ready to live the new MET way.

Big Idea

We are off to the movies.


We prescribed that management organize an emergency staff durbar without divulging the purpose. Ahead of the meeting, we teased staff with movie posters that featured them as stars.

Staff arrived at the supposed durbar to be pleasantly surprised with cocktails and barbeque where the CEO and a key shareholder pledged to ensure the new MET lived up to expectations. The new MET look and feel was then revealed to staff for the very first time.

This was followed up the next morning by a dramatic reveal of the new brand’s internal campaign running on everything from desktop wallpapers to posters in the wash rooms and the movie we had teased staff with – an animated movie illustrating the key changes of the brand refresh – playing on a big screen at the reception.

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