Intent on becoming the digitally savvy consumer in Africa’s preferred network, Tigo required a channel strategy that enables this target segment to easily acquire information, make informed purchases and receive customer support whenever they need to.

This strategy needed to cater to the digitally savvy consumer without appearing to sideline any of Tigo’s over 18 million other customers across Africa.


Through market visits across Africa, immersion sessions and the study of available consumer understanding material, we got a clear understanding of the POSs’ roles as well as the target’s different shopper missions and corresponding journeys.

By reallocating service, experience, and information provision functions, we reclassified Tigo’s POSs in line with the new target’s shopper missions and journeys to make the shopper experience worthwhile.

We also developed guidelines that advise on customer space organization, definition and distribution of resources within POSs, as well as how to produce and install elements required by each POS to ensure an optimum shopper experience.

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