After successfully becoming the cooking utensil brand of choice in almost every Ghanaian kitchen, Domod decided to diversify into roofing products. However, the heavy investment Domod made in a production line to fabricate DSS roofs, a technically superior roofing product, was not translating into commensurate sales. Since decommissioning the DSS production line was not an option, Domod Roof turned to us to assist with turning the fortunes of this new brand around.

Big Idea

Be distinct and dependable.


We found out that buyers’ choice of a roofing product brand, unlike that of a cooking utensil brand, heavily depended on endorsements from a trusted professional (architects, engineers, foremen, masons, etc.). It was crucial to know what professionals thought of DSS and Domod Roof. “It comes across as roofing products made out of cooking utensil material, especially since DomodRoof’s logo is almost the same as that of the cooking utensils business.”- Building Industry Professionals

Armed with this insight, we positioned the brand as Distinct & Dependable. We worked with Domod’s management to ensure their corporate strategy aligned with the brand positioning and advised on how to consistently deliver products and experiences capable of convincing customers and prospects that Domod Roof was indeed ‘distinct and dependable.

We created a new logo and identity system to distinguish Domod Roof from the utensils producing brand (Domod Aluminium) and advised, based on the observation that vehicles naturally slow down when approaching the bumpy intersections where railways cut across our highways, that Domod Roof re-roof railway conductors’ shelters at the intersections between railways and major highways across the country and emblazon the Domod Roof brand on these re-roofed shelters.


Taking advantage of this unique branding opportunity allowed motorists and passengers to experience the roofing products Domod Roof had to offer in a tangible way, resulting in heightened sales. From a CSR perspective, Domod was also able to improve the appearance of the run-down shelters and thus enhance the cityscape.

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