Rumours were rife within C-Suites across the country that Vanguard Assurance was at the brink of failure and was considering using Public Relations (PR) to change the narrative. We decided to demonstrate to Vanguard’s leadership how comprehensive brand resuscitation rather than a PR stunt would save the day. 


We used a combination of desktop and qualitative research, as well as behavioral economics principles, to demonstrate how Vanguard’s complete departure from the pillars it was founded on was negatively reshaping its target’s experiences and perceptions and thus ruining the brand. We went further to show how we could collaborate with Vanguard’s leadership to ensure their brand strategy was once again underpinned by the pillars that made them a great business. 


The ensuing corporate strategy devised to resuscitate the business had the founding pillars as an integral part and resulted in a 39% growth in sales in the subsequent year.

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